ART. 68
Body of polypropylene, roller and lever in 66 polyamide, small 18/C stainless steel wire mesh. Rubber suction pad with mechanism of 66 polyamide. Completely dismantled for an ease cleaning. Dishwasher-safe. All parts are made of nontoxic, food-safe materials.

ART. 69
Is the TOMATO PRESS MASTER supplied with a square container of white polypropylene.


The made in Italy Tomato Press is a must-have for creating sauces. This tool processes tomatoes at their freshly-ripened best into a smooth, delicious base preparation, separating pulp from skin and seeds in record time with a turn of the handle, up to 50kg of tomatoes in an hour. Stainless-steel wire mesh separates peels and seeds automatically and dispenses puree through chute into catch bowl. Works equally well to process soft fruits and cooked vegetables into healthy beverages, soups and jam.

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The color is purely indicative and might not coincide with the article real color.
Art. Single pack size (LxPxH) Single net weight Master carton size (LxPxH) Master gross weight Pieces Lavastoviglie2 Ean code
68 cm 24x20x31,5
inch 9.46×7.87×12.41
g 1.180
oz 41.62
cm 45x50x66
inch 17.71×19.68×25.98
kg 11,5
Lb 25.38
8 check_mark_green2 8001895000689
69 Art 68 + Art 15 g 1.360
oz 47.96
cm 45x50x66
inch 17.71×19.68×25.98
kg 13
Lb 28.69
8 check_mark_green2 8001895000696
15                    – g 180
oz 6.34
cm 46x35x45
inch 18.12×13.19×17.21
kg 9
Lb 19.87
44 check_mark_green2